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psx-dude's Review for Furi-Kuri

Review posted by psx-dude (Anonymous User, Search for other reviews) on July 7, 2001 at 11:53 AM.
This review applies to OAV - 6.
Total Score: 22/30 (73.33%). Story: 6/10 (60%), Animation: 8/10 (80%), and Sound: 8/10 (80%).


      This anime should be in everyone's collections because it is a must see anime. You have to watch it a few times to really see what's going on. The first DVD did not have English subtitles, but the other 5 do.



      FLCL is a story about a kid named Naoti. He is a grammar school student who\'s brother is off playing Baseball in America. His brother\'s girlfriend Mamimi starts to take a liking to him. Then he suddenly gets hit with a mysterious girl named Haruko on a Vespa that is incredibly fast. He is injured and when he comes to she hits him with her guitar. Then she wonders why there is nothing coming out of her head. Then she leaves and we see Naoti trying to fix the bump in his head. Instead of a little bump it is a horn. He goes to the hospital where Haruko had snuck and an pronounces it as the disease FLCL and then tries to finish the job and hit him on the head again with her guitar. Later on at night he starts having spasms and two robots come out of his head and start dueling. One of them looks like a walking Television while the other is a hand. The walking Television wins and then Haruko hits him with her guitar, which causes him to lose his memory. Then Haruko is hired by Naoti\'s father and the robot is brought home as well. The whole story is about Medical Mechanica, a large corporation with a giant iron as a factory, trying to destroy Haruko and take over the world. It seems that Medical Mechanica, the robots, and Haruko are all aliens trying to find a pirate named Atomsk.



      The animations are very well done. They look as though they were all done on the computer. There are several scenes where 3D is involved and it fits strangely, but nicely into the story. There are also manga scenes that are taken from the manga and are slightly animated, and it adds a very cool effect.



      The music is great, it is all rock mostly from The Pillows. The soundtrack is available to buy from the Gainax website. The music fits in nicely with the story and doesn\'t get too headbangish. Most of the songs are catchy and are even in my mp3s collection. The sound FX weren\'t copied from other animes and are nicely put into the anime. The guitar sounds great when smashing it against an object like someone\'s head.


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