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Pipian's Review for Angel Links

Review posted by Pipian (Anonymous User, Search for other reviews) on January 1, 2002 at 10:08 AM.
This review applies to 1 - 13.
Total Score: 24/30 (80%). Story: 8/10 (80%), Animation: 7/10 (70%), and Sound: 9/10 (90%).


      Though character development is lacking for most of the characters, there are several main characters that get a lot of development in the final episodes, so I can't complain about that.

Unfortunately, though everything is resolved in the end, the series ends on a very bittersweet note. A pity really... But I guess it had to. Happy endings don't come often in such emotion-filled dramas...

In the end, this series, though it isn't the BEST out there by far, is CERTAINLY better than most critics put it. Unfortunately, Outlaw Star's precedence has preceded it, leading to the often bad reviews. If I were to give this an overall rating (and not the calculated overall rating from the story/animation/sound) I'd give it a B, as it isn't quite one of the best series I've seen, though I'd certainly reccomend it, whether you like humorous episodic anime or a serious outer space drama.



      Angel Links is a spin-off of Outlaw Star featuring the overly busty Meifon Li (hey, if she can fit Taffei, a cat-like creature that me and my friends affectionately call the boobcat, in there, it's pretty big) who is the leader of a free-pirate-protection-for-hire group, part of her grandfather's conglomerate, the Links Group, with its flagship, the Angel Links, that (obviously) protects space shipments from pirate attacks in the Oracion system.

Overall, the first half of the series (through episode 6) is very formulaic and humorous, but the second half (mostly from episode 7 on) finally gets an ongoing plot that pretty much is what the first half isn't. Let me just say (so as not to spoil the ending) that Meifon Li isn't exactly who everyone (including herself) thinks she is.



      The animation is of a very decent quality, and blends in computer effects often (typically during explosions and uses of the Oracle Cannon and the Links Cannon). I really can't complain much about the quality of animation, though it seems to deteriorate (or at least change) in the last 2 or 3 episodes.



      The sound was handled QUITE well, with the background music helping to give the scenes the right quality, making battle scenes more exciting and day-to-day scenes seem happy. The sound effects and voices chosen were excelent for the characters, though I cannot rate the dub voices, as I watched it subbed (as I do with all of my anime).

Finally, even the opening and ending themes work fairly well with the animations that they are put to, though MORE importantly, they are representative of the first half and second half of the series respectively. The ending theme is sometimes tied into the scene immediately preceding the credits in the more plot-driven episodes, further illustrating my point that they are chosen well.


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