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Pipian's Review for The Slayers

Review posted by Pipian (Anonymous User, Search for other reviews) on July 7, 2001 at 1:20 AM.
This review applies to 3 - 78.
Total Score: 19/30 (63.33%). Story: 7/10 (70%), Animation: 5/10 (50%), and Sound: 7/10 (70%).


      Well, as I said, The Slayers isn't all that bad an anime. But it does leave a little something to be desired. Though I haven't seen Slayers Next or Slayers Try (the next two seasons,) I hear that it gets even better. If you like fantasy (particularly magic) and comedy, or just plain comedy, then you should give this series a try. This was the fourth series that I really got into (after Pokémon, Ranma, and Evangelion) and it's definately a keeper, not to mention the fact that it is one of the more popular anime series that ISN'T broadcast on national TV (Though Fox has supposedly gotten the rights to air it and has supposedly cut two episodes already, plans to air it at this time have apparently been shelved.) And one last thing: Never *EVER* call Lina flat-chested... Or you might end up as barbequed chicken. I rated The Slayers based on the 4-DVD box set which has an MSRP of $130. There are extras included with the box set on discs A and D. The extras on disc D require a Windows computer with a DVD-ROM drive however.



      The first season of The Slayers (entitled the same) has a very solid plot, yet it still wavers enough to get a comic side story every few episodes. The main plot begins in the very first episode, despite the fact that the viewer does not realize it yet. Lina Inverse, a sorceress with a temper that matches the shade of red in her hair, wanders from town to town stealing from bandits and giving to herself. However, in the first episode, after ransacking a camp of bandits, she is followed by the remnants of the bandits. Before she has a chance to take care of them herself, a blond swordsman (very deserving of his hair color, as is shown later) arrives to 'save the day.' Unfortunately, he is unhappy that the maiden that he attempted to rescue is no more than a teenaged girl. Despite that fact, he offers to escort her to Atlas City and it is then that the plot moves forward. It turns out that a third party was present at Lina's ransacking of the bandits camp, but was forced to flee before obtaining the artifact that they intended to collect. Lina instead finds the artifact and is forced into a conflict with Zelgadis, the rather secretive chimera, and Rezo, the Red Priest. One thing leads to another, and suddenly, the real antagonist, Rezo, releases one of the seven pieces of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo, the destructive, evil power of the world that was only broken into pieces by the dragon god Ceipheid several thousand years ago. Though seemingly invincible, Lina manages to destroy it. However, this is not the end of the season. The series continues on, following Lina and Gourry, as they meet Amelia, the justice-serving student of Lina, and her father, the pacifistic fighter Prince Phil of Saillune. Once they reach Sailune however, they find that they have had a bounty put on them by Eris, a loyal follower of Rezo, in Sairaag. They thus trek with Amelia to Sairaag, where they find Gourry's loyal girlfriend Sylphiel and Eris, who has created a copy of Rezo that intends to surpass the original by defeating Lina.



      The animation is nothing to gawk at. Not very extrordinary like those that use computer effects these days (the Pokémon movies, for example) but it is not drawn with little skill either. The movements aren't jerky, but the mouth is still in the traditional movement pattern (rather than lip-syncing like American animation or Akira) Note: The DVD box set is apparently missing about 5 minutes of video off the last episode in both the Japanese and English video and audio tracks. As far as I know, these minutes are only available on VHS, though the script for these minutes, along with the rest of the episodes, is available as one of the bonuses on the last disc.



      What can I say? It's sound effects aren't bad, but they do sound a bit clichéed. The music isn't all that bad either, despite the fact that some parts sound like they come out of a synthesizer. The background music tends to weave itself in very well. The opening and ending themes (Get Along and Kujikenaikara) are nothing particularly great compared to the opening themes for the later seasons (Give A Reason for Next and Beeze for Try.) All in all, it fits well, but it's not excellent. Note: The DVD box set apparently has some inverted channels on the Japanese stereo audio channel. Central Park Media has no intentions of fixing this at this time.


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