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Mark McPherson's Review for Neon Genesis Evangelion

Review posted by Mark McPherson (Anonymous User, Search for other reviews) on August 8, 2002 at 9:56 AM.
This review applies to 1 - 26.
Total Score: 21/30 (70%). Story: 8/10 (80%), Animation: 4/10 (40%), and Sound: 9/10 (90%).


      Evangelion is a new breed of mecha anime that took time to get off the ground, but in the end, you'll be satisfied with the result. Recommended for all.



      Evangelion is one of those few anime titles that goes from funny to serious over a course of time. Sometimes the show will involve perverted humor, sometimes it'll involve serious terms such as depression, loneliness and suicide. While I can't really say Evangelion is the sort of series you can just drop in on anytime you like, it is still a great tale of mecha that has some good replay value in the long run. It's a show that'll really make you think.



      Despite the good storyline, Evangelion has somewhat less than perfect animation. The lighting is way too bright in some scenes. I recommend watching it with the lights off. Even worse, the picture actually jitters and moves around the screen when your viewing the show. This will only bug you a few times, but it's still inexcusable. Overall, though, it's typcial anime animation.



      The sound effects, like most low buget animes, feels tacked on, but it still works. The music, however, is a good mix of orchestrated music and synthesisers. If Ode To Joy doesn't make you want to watch an anime, nothing will. Hats off to Gainax.


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