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psx-dude's Review for Ranma 1/2

Review posted by psx-dude (Anonymous User, Search for other reviews) on September 9, 2004 at 3:59 AM.
This review applies to 7 - 161.
Total Score: 23/30 (76.67%). Story: 7/10 (70%), Animation: 8/10 (80%), and Sound: 8/10 (80%).


      Excellent anime, its a classic and a must see for all anime fans. In fact, I'm sure most anime watchers have seen this anime, and for those of you getting into the whole japanese anime thing, you should check it out. Its out on dvd if you need it, or can be found for cheap on ebay in vhs form. The manga is pretty hot too. Oh and expect some partial nudity ;).



      The story starts off on a rainy Japanese day with a young girl walking down the rainy street. She gets attacked by a giant panda and gets knocked out and kidnapped. It turns out that this young girl isn't a young girl at all, but a teenage boy. Cursed with a stange ability that changes him into a girl with cold water and back with hot water, this young man is faced with an interesting dilemma. His father is the same way except he turns into a giant panda. Many interesting plots appear out of this one, but the underlying idea is that he wants to get rid of the curse, but keeps being dragged into odd situations because of it. What's a boy/girl to do? Overally, an interesting idea, that works pretty well, just not for 7 freakin' seasons!



      The animation is like the year it was made, very 1989. But everything is clear and crisp, action is very clean, the martial arts are also very well done for a hand drawn cartoon. Absolutely no cg was used. Backgrounds are painted it looks like, but they work. Pretty good for a classic anime.



      Kicks, wams, bams, etc. are very cool. Water splashes are also well done. Nothing sounds too repeated and it doesn't get that annoying. The music is standard late 80s music. But it works, I couldn't imagine rap, techno, or japanese pop in it. Voices on both subbed and dubbed versions are good, with the dubbed being mostly timed up good.


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