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psx-dude's Review for Mahoromatic

Review posted by psx-dude (Anonymous User, Search for other reviews) on June 6, 2004 at 2:25 AM.
This review applies to 2 - 26.
Total Score: 21/30 (70%). Story: 7/10 (70%), Animation: 9/10 (90%), and Sound: 5/10 (50%).


      Well, if you like maids, some ecchi humor, and some awesome gainax animation and action sequences, check it out. It isn't dark like evangelion, not psycho like FLCL, and not entirely Hand Maid May, but still, an enjoyable series to watch.



      The story starts out with our protagonist Sugura, who, is bored at home and looks into getting a maid to help him around the house. He interviews a girl named Mahoro, whom he met on a bus earlier, and hires her. Then he finds out she's a robot, whilst she saves him from danger. Then they take baths together, among other things... And Mahoro's lifespan is almost up, that's why she's retired and caring for the son of someone she worked with. And some baddies want to capture her or something.



      Its gainax, nuff said



      Voices were chosen correctly, they fit the characters, the music is OK, haven't heard much of it. Sound effects are good, not repetative.


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