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Chris's Review for Cowboy Bebop

Review posted by Chris on January 1, 2002 at 11:41 AM.
This review applies to 1 - 26.
Total Score: 28/30 (93.33%). Story: 9/10 (90%), Animation: 9/10 (90%), and Sound: 10/10 (100%).


      Overall this is a very good anime. It has been previewed on Cartoon Networks' Adult Swim and seems to be a big hit among those coming off Dragonball Z. But even though it caters to DBZ fans it is also a hit among anime fanatics. So this anime should be in every personís collection, it is in mine. This is one of my favorite series, everything in my opinion is superbly done. And I recommend it to anyone.



      The year 2071 AD. Humanity has spread from the disaster-beaten Earth throughout the solar system. Bringing with them human ideals, ingenuity, crime, and corruption. The latter two are now being hunted down by bounty hunters. Meet Spike Spiegel, just your average ass kicking bounty hunter, who can dodge bullets and kick some bounty head ass. Even on an empty stomach and after many hours of sleep. With his partner Jet Black they search the solar system for the big payoff, each time missing it for some stupid reason and having to catch some small fries in order to survive. Then come along a kid, a dog, and a girl to add to the dilemma of catching bounties. The Kid, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky 4th, is a top-rate hacker who is a girl but looks like a boy.. Yea.. But she can hack really well and is pretty damn funny (except for her English dub, it's annoying). Her dog partner Ein is a smart dog that can hack better than Ed, watch the series to see this dog in action. And finally Faye Valentine, a girl who has troubles with her past and wears skimpy vinyl all the time (and for some reason people don't stare at her all the time..) who is very greedy. All these combine for an award winning storyline that has many twists and turns and a surprise and all-revealing ending.



      The animation is superb. An excellent blending of CG, 3D, and hand drawn art makes for one heck of a good looking anime. The explosions, fighting, dogfights, and physics are simply amazing. This is one of the top winners in animation history. Certain episodes take this even further with excellent motion blurring. You sometimes have to watch it several times to understand the complexity of the scenes and all the goodies they add in.



      The music is upbeat jazz and Blues by none other than the amazing Yoko Kanno. It blends nicely into each scene and doesn't get out of sync with the nonstop action. The sound effects are also wonderfully done and don't draw from the action either. The voices are done wonderfully too. An excellent translation and choice of voices, except for Ed's, for the dubbing. The lips match the voices too. The soundtrack is also available for purchase spread out in 3 cd's.


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