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psx-dude's Review for Neo Ranga

Review posted by psx-dude (Anonymous User, Search for other reviews) on January 1, 2002 at 5:53 AM.
This review applies to 2 - 48.
Total Score: 26/30 (86.67%). Story: 9/10 (90%), Animation: 9/10 (90%), and Sound: 8/10 (80%).


      This anime is very good, it should find it's way to American shelves soon, but I do not know what the plans of the US Distributor are. But I found the dvds on eBay so you should be able to get the dvds or vcds off of there. I suggest that you do so because this is (like I said) a very good anime that should find it's way into your collection and will be something to show off to your friends. It is also available on LaserDisc (Originally) if you decide to go that route.



      Three sisters are alone on their own after their brother mysteriously leaves them after their parents mysteriously die as well. Then a giant beast walks through the streets of downtown Tokyo and stops right where the three sisters live. But they are somehow able to control it and they fight off various people, mecha, the government, a few Gods, and a messenger from the main God. This story is simply amazing in every respect, you get to discover what people think of the beast, how they react, and what lengths they will go to to protect their own beliefs in fighting off the beast which some see as a God. The story ends up explaining a lot about the Earth and the Universe and what happened to the mysterious brother...



      The animation is very well done, as the beast walks you can tell where every part of it is going, and it causes a lot of damage which remains there after each episode. The character designs are great, and although the Ranga itself looks like it is a copy of other designs, it is not, and as we find out it is very unique. All the people don't look the same either, they all have a uniqueness to them which makes them very interesting and nice to look at. This anime is by far one of the greater when it comes to animation, though it lacks in all the 3D graphics and animation we see today it sticks true to the style of anime.



      The music is excellent, you can buy the music cd's in your local shop (if they happen to carry the Japanese music). The intros do get annoying after a while after listening to the same song but overall the music, voices, and sound fx blend very well together. They do not repeat and are very unique. Unfortunately I could not tell whether the dvds featured 5.1 digital surround sound, but I'm pretty sure the sound would be pretty good if you have one of those systems.


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