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So, what part of this anime have you seen and that you're reviewing today?
Some good examples: All of them, Seasons 1-3, Season 1 eps 1-10, Season 2 eps 3-8, Dubbed, Subbed, etc.

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Note: Here you can talk about the story, but be sure not to reveal any spoilers. I recommend that you talk about the pros and the cons of the storyline, if its original, what parts make sense, what parts don't seem to fit, things like that


Note: This section is where you can discuss the animation. I suggest that you discuss how smooth the animation is, whether the drawing style is fresh and original or just a carbon copy, if any parts were computer generated and looked like they were a little off, and other things of this nature.


Note: Now for the music voices and other noisy things. I suggest you discuss how the music fit with the overall theme of the story, how the voices fit with the characters, whether the dub (if you watched it) worked as well, also if the sound effects worked and if they were ripoffs of other anime's, and other stuff of this nature.